2000 Dodge Caravan horrible sound

My van is making a odd sound.I listened to all your sound clips but this sounds nothing like them.It went from a nice quiet start up and now When we start it up it sounds like a diesel engine.And it stays that loud.Now theres smoke comming from the bottom of the van area.Have any idea what it maybe?? The van is not getting hot or anything either.Nothing is leaking either.

Any warning lights lit, like the oil light? How is the oil level and condition? It could also be something like a failing water pump, but the engine may be chewing itself to death, so don’t drive it until you figure out what is going on.

Which engine do you have?

No warning lights are on and its a V6 3.8L
the oil is fine just had it changed

How’s the exhaust ?

It MAY be wise to have a compression test done. (if only for peace of mind)

Did you check the oil level after having it changed?

So you get smoke coming out from under the van and it sounds loud. Well I would start by checking the exhaust system. My guess is you need some exhaust work.