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2005 Nissan Frontier Automatic V6 Transmission

Shifting into reverse doesnt engage reverse, it acts like a second neutral gear until I rev up to 3500 rpm and then it slams into whoevr is parked behind me. Help, my insurance cant take the rear end damage.

Why would you rev your engine to 3500 rpm? Your transmission needs to be checked by a mechanic. It may just be low on fluid or some other simple problem.

guess I should have included this… i had the fluid checked, it was fine and clean, but i had it flushed and replaced anyway. Same problem. I reved the engine because that is what you do when you are backing up is hit the gas, and when it didnt go anywhere I kept my foot on the pedal to see if it would engage, which it did…I didnt really hit anyone, I was using artistic embelishment to make my story sound more interesting.