Engine shuts off at high way ramp and toll


I have a Toyota Corolla 1997. Mileage is 55K and the car runs like new until recently a specific problem keeps happening. When I slowed down for the toll or get off the highway, the car engine shuts off all of sudden. It does not happen every time, but has happened 4 times within a month. I would be able to turn the car back on only if I push the gas paddle gently. Without the pumping some gas, the car would not start. This problem only happened when I slowed down from the highway. Driving within the city is not a problem at all, even when I stop at lights for any period of time. I have never have problems starting the car, either.

I do not know if it has something to do with the PCV valve. My mechanic changed recently, the new one is not Toyota brand. The problem started after the change.

Any clue would be greatly appreciated.


The brand of the PCV shouldn’t matter, but make sure that the PCV hose is properly connected. Something like that could cause a stall at idle.

The PCV valve is most likely not the cause. I am not sure if you car has an idle contol solenoid or not, if it does I’d lean towards that. That is the device that controls how much air to allow into the engine to maintain a smooth idle, if it closes entirely it will choke the engine and stall it. It could be possible that you could have a vacuum leak making the engine run lean. Can you hear a hissing noise under the hood while the engine is running? While it is running does it idle on the higher side? If you hear a hissing sound you have a vacuum leak, if it is idling high it could be a vacuum leak or the idle control solenoid.

Thank you for your advice. I do not hear any hissing noise under the hood while engine is running. I do not think it vacuum leak. As far as I can tell, engine seems to idle normal. I do not have a tachometer on this car, thereby I cannot tell RPM during idle. I did not check either, if my car has an idle control solenoid. However, I had on board computer scanned at Autozone although check engine light never came on. It passed, meaning that there are no trouble code. At least according to OBD, the car is fine. Just in case, I installed the original metal PCV valve back. I am expecting when problem become more severe, it will be easier to diagnose. At the moment, I am not planning to pay 100 dolars just to hear from a mechanics that there is nothing wrong with my car. But, I know that sth is wrong with it.