Idling Problem

Toyota Corolla 93, manual transmission

so there was a problem with idling, while it idles, the engine revs up but im not pressing the gas pedal at all. found out it the vacuum hose was broken. we fix it, buy a new one and now the engine dies out. change the air filter. The car still dies out.

so the car either dies out or bad idling. what do i do?

If press down the throttle just a little bit and that will keep the car running then you need to check the wiring for your idle air control valve (IAC). If the power to the IAC is good then you probably need to replace the valve.

Oh by the way, the car dies out when we slow down to a stop. I can drive the car but it’ll die out when we stop.

Right, probably because you have a problem with the IAC. Either that or when you fixed one vacuum line you either dislodged or left another one off.

LOOK for the air screw on your throttle body. My guess is that when this vac hose was degrading it began to leak and cause a high idle condition…then someone adjusted the idle screw on the TB…they turned the idle DOWN it worked for a while until you found the real problem…now after you fixed the vac leak…the throttle body air screw is turned too far IN…and thus cutting off ALL vacume leaking…which would make you stall.

Look around your throttle body for a rather large slotted screw it is COMMONLY underneath a big black rubber plug…or look up its location on the net…after you find this screw give it one full turn out…that should get you running if not idling rather high…then turn it back in until you have a happy idle speed. Bet you thats what happened.