Hesitates on take off


No clunks …lurches accompanied by noise? Sometimes motor mounts will produce the results you report. The engine actually stops for a brief moment as the block rotates for that few degrees. How old is the battery? If it’s in some constant state of below thresholds, the alternator will continue to draw heavy on the engine. The battery itself may be 100% reliable in the lower charged state and never need a jump or ever fail to hold a charge. It will hold a “too low” a charge. Most engines don’t produce much more power at idle than which is required to keep the engine running. Check your belt tensioner.

Otherwise, is this some “throttle by wire” setup. If so, get it serviced …soon. It could just as easily choose to fail at WOT (check the news). Oh, and condition yourself to turn off the key if such an event occurs. Putting it in NEUTRAL or pushing in the clutch can result in unhappy things for your engine. Be prepared.

Anything otherwise substantial should have produced a code/CEL.

Start with the basics, how many miles and what maintenance as far as filters and plugs etc.

I would rather put it in neutral and have unhappy things happen to my engine than turn off the key and have unhappy things happen to me, Turning off the key locks the STEERING.

Yeah, another person who refuses to train themselves for mishaps. Most cars won’t got to LOCK with the car in gear. Don’t research YOUR car, just blow the engine instead.

Have the TPS sensor tested to see if there is a dead spot in it. Any independent shop should be able to test it for you. Just a guess. Hope this will help

That dirty, original, fuel filter could be lowering fuel pressure. Have it changed.
The fuel pressure might be low. Have the fuel pressure measured with the car under acceleration.
An unresponsive throttle position sensor (tps) might be causing the lack of acceleration. Have it checked ---- ohms and volts values.

a couple years ago had that problem when i was taking off from a start would hesitate and stall , cleaned tps and that took care of it , this doesnt stall , i cleaned it earlier this summer. car does have 230,000 miles, didnt know they could get dead spot , i should have it tested. thanks, rob

Might you be thinking of the idle air control valve (iacv)? It, too, is a suspect. The innards of the tps aren’t accessible, are they?
While one is cleaning the iacv, use the Throttle Body Cleaner to clean the throttle bore and throttle plate.

hi, on a toyotta corolla the tps is on back side of throttle body and comes off with two screws and one connector, the iacv is on front i have never messed with that i may need to check it out.