Engine seized up in 1991 nissan sentra

Anyone have any ideas how to free up my seized engine. Much appreciated. Was due to lack of coolant.


There is no point in trying to “free up” your engine; it’s toast.

Even if you managed to free it up, the repairs to the damaged engine would be $3000+, many times the value of your car in running condition.

Just call the wrecker and get the value of the metal, about 3cents a pound.

Was due to lack of coolant.

If this means it was overheated to the point of seizure, getting it “unseized” is completely pointless. You need a new/used/replacement engine.

As the others have already said, once an engine is severely overheated to the point of seizure (or possibly even to a point before it seizes) there is MAJOR internal damage and the solution is not just “freeing it up”. You would probably have to replace…pistons…valves…cylinder head…crankshaft…camshaft…and have the cylinder walls honed.
Ergo–the engine is…beyond repair…from a practical standpoint.

The OP can count this as more more vote for junking the car and moving on.
If the car was much younger, it might make sense to put a used engine in it, but in view of the incredibly low book value on this car, it just doesn’t make sense to sink any money into it.

The only survivor of a seized engine I have ever seen was an early 1980’s Mazda rotary. It was seized due to lack of oil but after it cooled down and oil was added, it started and ran just fine. The guy drove it a number of years after that with no problems (the guy was a man of the cloth…may have had something to do with that). If your car got hot, stopped but freed up after it cooled down there might be some hope for it. If its stuck now, engine replacement is the only option.

The only “cheap” solution that I know of is if OP pulls a used engine from pick a part, on their periodic 1/2 price weekends. And does all of the labor himself

Your only hope would be that by “lack of coolant” you mean it hadn’t been driven in a long time and the coolant leaked out and the engine rusted due to the loss of the anti-corrosion properties of the coolant. If that’s the case, let us know OP, as there may be a remedy. Otherwise, time to shop for a replacement engine. If you really like this car otherwise , you can probably find a used engine that could be shipped to you via the junkyard network.

Realize that the rotary engine referred to by Dusty is a totally, completely, absolutely different engine design than your engine. Your engine is toast. It’s only value now is by the pound.

I’ll echo the majority of comments here and say your engine is toast as well. A severely overheated engine turns from engine to a lump of metal in short order.