Olds Intrigue Seized Engine

I posted a question the other day on my Olds Intrigue. Went into the local Monroe Shop to have a Coolant System flush and was called 2 hours later with them stating the engine was seized. What the heck. Doing a little preventative maintenance has now turned into a nightmare. I now face the delema of placing a new engine in the car or scrapping it? They do not want to take any responsibility for this but I am sure to press the issue.

Get a lawyer FAST…Do NOT pass go…To NOT collect $200…They screwed up…And DO NOT let them do ANY work on the car what-so-ever. Call a independent garage (maybe even the dealer)…Tell them what happened…and have the car towed to them to have them look at the vehicle to determine what happened.

Some more info needs to be provided first. If the engine seized this means it was run out of oil or seriously overheated.

Did they perform an oil change at this time? That would be the first suspect and they’re probably going to be on the hook for this.
You need to discover the reason for the seizure and post back what you’re being told. Are they saying that YOU are going to foot the bill for this?

Here is the OP’s earlier post.

I have a 99 Olds Intrigue. Is recently having a few issues. It has 105,000 miles on it. Recently has been having a tapping noise in the morning and then somewhat clears up after about 5 min of running it. It is sluggish and sounds weird too like lacking power. To go along with this the Service Engine light recently came on and I stopped and had codes run. It is a PO440 code from what I was told. Also the temp on the radiator is ruinning hot at times and seems to be using or loosing fluid? I do not see drips and do not see weird color in the exhaust though?
Itesm I wonder about are radiator flush and service? Fuel Filter? Emmisions sensors like the O2 Sensor? Injectors? The car has been with us since about 25,000 miles with NO real work done to it besdies oil changes and brakes. Should have done radiator service by now but have not. Suggestions on the noise and rough running at times?

Seems like he may have had an engine problem when he took it in. Any thoughts?

Sorta sounds like a head gasket failure to me. Is it possible that the coolant flush was the last straw?

That was my thought as well. Flushing the system finished off the head gasket, then during refill 1 or more cylinders filled with water and now the motor will not turn over. Easy to check. Pull all the plugs and see if the motor cranks. Watch out for the water that will come blowing out of the cylinder.

Yup, either that or it actually hydro-locked when they started it and the engine is actually seized due to a bent rod or something.

Nice “catch” Dartman. I would have fallen for the post without making the connection.

To the OP: It’s important that when you make a post you give us the whole story. We can help you much better if we know. The advice I would have given would have been to contact an attorney, however that advice would have been totally bogus. If you do decide to conact a lawyer anyway, do both yourself and him/her a big favor and come forward with all the story, not just the ending.

I agree. Assuming this is not related to an oil change done at the same time, and lack of oil, then it’s quite possible he had a pre-existing condition and like most pre-existing conditions there’s going to come a time when something is going to give up; maybe a head gasket or even an intake manifold gasket.

If the engine is seized and it’s not due to lack of oil then it could very well be hydrolocked. Pulling the plugs and checking to see if they’re dripping anti-freeze might not be a bad idea.

Doing preventative maintenance AFTER the fact is not always helpful as per the running hot at times and losing coolant.
Thanks for bringing the post up since I never saw the original.

I think that they destroyed your engine by overheating it or some dedicated monkey business.