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2000 Jetta V-6 with seized engine

My husband seized the engine (or at least he thinks!) on my 2000 V-6 Jetta. I have heard to get a replacement engine is about $3k. Was wondering if anyone knows what I could possibly sell the car for? The inside is in perfect condition and the transmission has never had any problems. :frowning: Thanks for all your help.

Don’t you think that your husband’s diagnosis of engine seizure should be confirmed by a mechanic before you begin planning your next step?

Of course, he did say the engine ‘knocked’ and then stopped. The car won’t turn over. I plan on someone coming to look at the car but wanted to know what my options are. Sadly, he is probably right as the oil light came on and he didn’t pull over…

Yeah, that is a bad sign.

I don’t know… if you can find a used / rebuilt engine for 3000 dollars, you still have to install it.

Put it up on Craigslist for a few thousand and see what you get!

For give him for not stopping if he was on a highway or someplace where he didn’t want to walk. You can sell the car a lot easier if it’s running, but it should cost a bit more to have a remanufactured engine installed. A 2000 car goes for about $7,000 with a running engine. The rule is usually to fix it If the car is worth more than the price of repair.

You should donate the car to a local charity. It might be worth $50 or $100 as a salvage vehicle.

If the oil light came on and he didn’t pull over, perhaps he should not be driving. He has turned one car into a paperweight. I would not give him a chance to do the same thing again.

Vehicle is likely worth about $5k running fine. Subtract $3000 for engine and add $1000 for hassle factor/unknowns lurking and you are around $1000-$1500. The problem is your buyer pool is very small as most do not want the risk or hassle.

Good luck.

Call a couple of local shops that does this kind of work (not all do) and get estimates for the full job. If the car’s otherwise in good shape, it’s up to you whether to spend the $$.

You have two choices. Buy a used engine from a salvage yard or sell the car TO a salvage yard… SOME yards will install the engine for you or recommend someone who will…Dig around and you will discover “underground auto-repair”…

True, OP definitely doesn’t want to consider the dealer for this. There are some import car salvage yards in some areas.


Unfortunately, he is probably correct (about the engine having seized, NOT about his decision to keep driving with the oil pressure light glowing in his face), and the first thing you need to do is to assess what your total car budget is at this point. If you cannot afford a “new” car, then you may have no choice but to repair this one.

As was already said, explore the issues of used engines and rebuilt engines with an independent mechanic, NOT a VW dealer.

50 or 100 dollars for a 2000 Jetta V6 that only has a bad motor? Think again, man! If it were a 1990 Jetta, then I’d be in that boat, but unless the OP has a lot of disposable income, I think that some of the value can be realized!

Plenty of people are on the lookout for cars like this, especially those VW odd-balls :slight_smile:

Check out and post up an ad for it there. You can at least get a grand out of it.

If you are the original owner, and back of 100k, you may still be under warranty. VW had 10 year/100k powertrain warranties for a few years.

Warranties generally don’t cover driving with the oil light on, which is now public knowledge…

I have been spelling it access all this time and now you show me its assess?

Powertrain warranties cover seized engines destroyed by driver neglect?

Generally not, however we don’t know how long the car was driven or what caused the oil light to come on in the first place.