1998 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD - causes of engine seize?

What would cause a 1998 3500 Chevy Dully extended cab’s engine Seize up?

Lack of maintenance.


Lack of oil

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Lack of everything that keeps an engine healthy?

Some history would be helpful also… Just too many ways to do this to an engine, so we need a back story at the very least.

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21 years of use.

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My guess is that the engine overheated.

replacing the motor oil with ketchup will make it seize up.

Someone taking Tom’s old joke about dumping Filippo Berio olive oil into the crankcase as something that they should actually do

You gave no details about why you’re asking this question, so why are you jumping on Purebred’s perfectly accurate answer like that? Perhaps a different message board would be a better place for you.

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The SBC is nearly bulletproof. Only owner negligence will cause it to seize.
If you read the other replies they are the same as mine.
Or you can pay someone to disassemble the engine.


If you want a logical answer, maybe you should ask a logical question.

Likewise, if you want a specific answer, I recommend you ask a specific question. Calling someone your petty puerile pet name isn’t going to help you solve your problem.


We ALL answered the question logically given the pitiful LACK of information you gave to a bunch of folks who cannot see, hear or smell your truck over the internet. You GET as good information as you GIVE.


And why does your Minestrone taste so bland, @EileenConfal?

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You may not agree with @Purebred, but he is right. No need for name calling


I believe the 1998 3500HD will either have the 7.4 liter big block or the 6.5 liter diesel

Very likely, I just grabbed SBC out of thin air. My comment still holds true.
Owner/operator negligence. While a throwna rod, float the the valves, jump timing can happen, seizure is neglect.


I would have to agree with the other Gear Heads on this forum who defend Purebred’s answer… you could have easily jumped on my response in the same manner.

Calling Purebred a “petty purile pet name” like a “brain dead fool” was a little uncalled for, because his response was perfectly accurate and acceptable AND as he may be “some brain dead fool” he is “OUR brain dead fool”, so we do indeed stand behind his initial response. LOL


Ooo, maybe I should change my screen name to Brain Dead Fool?


Instead of providing more specifics on the maintenance, etc., as well as the circumstances surrounding the seizure, you’re not giving folks a lot to work with. Digging one’s heels in with insults isn’t a good way to win friends and influence people, and it certainly won’t prompt folks to try to be helpful.

Would you care to tell us more about what happened? We might be able to help.