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Engine replacement

I have a 1986 chrysler lebaron with a 2.2liter turbo engine it ran well for a month and then it started smoking real bad white smoke then it started knocking and finally died and wont start it turns over but wont start any suggestions

Not a vehicle to invest any money in,but if you want to fix it as a hobby or a pastime that’s a different story.

I would start with a wet/dry compression test with a eye towards failure of the turbo(the car should still start with a failed turbo) maybe your plugs are oil fouled.

Probably a head gasket failed and continued operation probably finished the engine off.
Agreed. Pull the plugs, examine them, and perform a compression test as the first step.

Thank you very much, I will try that and see where i get. Thanks again

Those engines were notorious for blowing head gaskets. They weren’t meant to have turbochargers on them. Naturally, Chrysler put one on it anyway. In about 20,000 miles, you will be changing the head gasket again.

Thank you all. I think i might just forget about this car and try to get one of my others running right.