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Smoking down the road

I have had my engine rebuild 3 times and my turbo rebuilt 2 times and have had 2 junk yard engines put in. It still smokes. Any ideas? 2.2 turbo engine convertible.

If I had the engine and turbo rebuilt once, I never would have accepted a smoking engine in return.

If it was fine for a while after each rebuild, then started smoking again, I’d worry about how I’m maintaining it.

BTW, where is it smoking from and can you tell what is burning?

If we told you the truth, the moderator would delete our post…

The expression that comes to mind is, “Throwing good money after bad”.
(Or is it the other way around?)

For the money that you have spent on this 23 year old non-classic car, you could have bought a much newer car that is superior in every way. Perhaps you can explain the logic for all of this spending, because I surely can’t.

The first time was a family issue. The smoke is coming out the tailpipe. and to the others who replied, to each his own. I like my car. Its classy in my opinion.