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Engine Quitting

Twice in the last 3 months,the engine has died. In the first instance, I was coasting into a parking space; in the second, I was at a stoplight, i.e., no acceleration. On both days the ambient temperature was over 100 degrees F. The “Check Engine” light does not come on.

What year Acura? How many miles? Is all the prescribed maintenance up to date? Any other issues or prior history?

Sorry, I’m new to this forum.

It is a 1999 model with 147,500 miles and is very up-to-date on its maintenance. This problem is the first I’ve had with it.

Just to rule them out, when was the last time the spark plugs, wires, oil and gas filters replaced?

Probably 147,500 miles ago.

Sorry, I was being facetious. Because I’ve been conscientious about maintaining the car, I had to go look at the maintenance schedule to see when these items would have been checked.
Oil Filter–every 15,000 miles, i.e., about 145,000
Gas Filter–doesn’t call for replacing that
Spark plugs–105,000 miles; next one due at 210,000!
Wires–doesn’t call for that