99 Acura TL that dies in hot weather

Does anyone know why my 99 Acura would die out in hot weather? This seems to happen especially if the AC has been on. (I am pretty sure that this exact thing was discussed on the radio about a month ago but I forgot what they said!) Thanks.

I’m betting that you might be thinking of a main relay which was a problem for Honda products for a while - but I think that was mostly early 90s. It could still be the problem, but lots of things will do this.

Describe die out and then what happens after it dies. (e.g. will it start right back up?) If it doesn’t start right back up, blow some starting fluid into the intake & try. If it fires up even for a few seconds then you need to trouble shoot a fuel problem. If not, use a spark tester or spare spark plug to check for spark.

Fuel lines could be getting clogged by that extra “c”. ACURA. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

There was a recall on Honda/Acura at that time for ignition switch failing as my wife’s prior Civic had it.