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Engine Piston

how would you know if the engine piston is the problem?

In order to answer your question, first we need to know the nature of the problem.

Along with a complete description of the problem, we need the model, model year, odometer mileage, engine type and transmission type of your Mitsubishi.

We also need the maintenance history of the vehicle. Please do not use a meaningless term, such as “it has been well-maintained”, and instead tell us how often the oil is changed, when the last major service (including replacement of spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, coolant, transmission fluid, etc.) took place, and if there is a Check Engine Light illuminated currently.

i bought the car 130000 milleage. i don’t know if it was well maintained because the car was imported. the car is mitsubishi chariot grandis exceed 2.4 gasoline 1998 model. every morning when i idle, it smokes white… i changed oil magnetec 10w40. it drained 5w30 oil when i first used it.

If you are observing smoke from the exhaust only after first starting the engine in the morning, that certainly sounds like worn-out engine valve guide seals. However, that smoke should be gray-blue, rather than white.

White smoke is usually considered to be a sign of excess moisture. It could be just the normal condensation that is observed in exhaust when the ambient temperature is cool, or it could be an indication of a coolant leak from a bad head gasket. In order to rule out the possibility of a bad head gasket, you should check the coolant for the presence of oil and also check the motor oil for the presence of coolant. Oil that is contaminated with coolant will look like “chocolate milk”.

(For the forum members who are not familiar with this vehicle, it was sold under various names in various countries. In the US, it was sold as the Mitsubishi Expo and also as the Dodge/Plymouth Colt Vista.)