Mitsubishi 2000 Galant

The check engine light went on so took it for oil change. Light still on so took it to mechanic. The diagnostic code is p1400, which the mechanic can’t find, so they don’t really know what is wrong. But they told me that when they revved it up a whole lotta white smoke came out so they think my engine is not long for this world. What is wrong??? I need the car to last for at least another year!

Your intake manifold pressure sensor needs to be replaced. Not a big deal.

thanks for the reply–that certainly sounds reassuring. Would that account for the smoke? I have never seen it smoke before.

Have you checked your coolant and oil level and condition. It sounds like there might be coolant leaking in the oil, this must be taken care of ASAP otherwise your engine is toast. I am not sure about the code though.