White exhaust smoke

I have a 1968 Plymouth cuda 340 ci. V8 that has been stored inside since 1992 before starting the engine I checked the oil dip stick and oil looked OK just oil and no fluids leaking on the floor under the engine. When I got it started white smoke comes out of the exhaust.

I ran the engine for less than 30 seconds and shut it off.

Checking the oil it now has coolant present,drained the oil and coolant.

Note the engine clyindars were lubed and engine turned over four times a year, the antifreeze was checked yearly and found to be good for well below zero.

What should I look into to fix this proublem?

You likely have a coolant leak into the cylinders, idicating a head gasket leak. If the car is automatic, you could have a modulator diaphragm leak, sucking transmission fluid into the engine intake. You need to run the engine a little longer; if the white smoke persists, then take action.

A remote possibility is a cracked block with coolant going into one of the cylinders.

I would get a compression check done first; my 60s Dodge Dart was a great car, but it developed a head gasket leak at 49,000 miles, just within the warranty.

Good luck, and I would pray for just a head gasket leak.

This could just be condensation in the engine. It’s been sitting for 17 years. 30 seconds isn’t going to be long enough to burn it off. If it is a coolant leak…you should see signs of that…like coolant in the oil.

If you found coolant in the oil, sounds like a head gasket leak. You can do a leak down test and listen for noise/bubbling at the radiator and the oil filler.