Engine oil overfill



Recently bought a new vehicle and took it to dealer for first oil change. Afterwards, I checked dipstick (3 times), & found it is way over-filled. Is there a way to siphon out the overfill, or should I bring it back to them?


There are ways to remove excess oil from the oil pan without removing the drain plug. But you probably don’t have the equipment to do so.

Just take it back, and show them they messed up.



How much over? You could remove the oil filter and let the oil in it drain out, then re-install. Usually this will be less than a quart. If it were my car and it was a new vehicle from a dealer, I’d call them and tell them to bring a rollback to my home, transport it to their garage, drain and re-fill with the proper amount, and then return it to my home. Way too much oil can cause problems (blown seals and other stuff). You paid for a new car . . . paid for an oil change, get what you paid for. Rocketman


Usually this will be less than a quart.

Less then a quart??..I haven’t seen a filter that holds more then 1/2 pint…and MOST of that you can’t drain out.


So you remove the filter and empty it, install it and run the engine and repeat. Smart eh?