2010 Ford Fusion - did overfilling the oil damage the engine?

someone over fielded the car oil. they had done a oil change and couple months we saw a large oil spot and the person who checked it said it had no oil . but apparently it did.
my son checked it for me and apparently its pasted the mark and above.dove the car at least 30 miles that day and then we havent used it again. worried . I know we need to empty it and redo the oil.
My concern is did it hurt the engine.

Impossible to tell over the internet with what you’ve told us. I did not understand much of what you posted. Maybe you used Google Translate?

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Hi Alma. Just to make sure we got this: someone overfilled your oil, and a couple of months later you saw a spot (under the car? like a leak?) and then asked someone to check it, and he told you there was no oil. I assume then he added some, because when your son checked it, there was oil over and above the mark on the dipstick. You drove the car for 30 miles like that, and now you’re worried.

Your plan is to empty and refill, but you’re worried that driving the car for 30 miles overfilled did some damage.


I had a Nissan pickup just put a new engine needed the first oil change was out of town so I took the truck to the three guys shop, it was late friday afternoon they finished and gave me the bill in the supplies I noticed it said, that they put in 6 quarts! But it only takes 4 quarts max? I ask the service rep. To please take out 2 quarts I paid alot of money on that new engine and did not want it ruined? He went In the back and came back shortly and said, bring back the car tomorrow and we will take out the two quarts as requested? I said, If I drive home which is out of town and something happens to the new engine your shop will be responsible for damages, sure enough I got about 5 miles and puff of smoke was coming out the tail pipe and a CHP pulled me over cited me for excessive smoke coming out of the tail pipe,I explained I just came from three guys and the engine was brand new they did the first oil change and put 2 extra quarts showed
him my receipt & report! He said. I still giving you fix it ticket and I would suggest you ask them for reimbursement! I contacted Car Talk they directed me to a post they wrote a while back explaining the damage done when putting too much oil in that engine, it makes foam suds on the oil and runs the bearnings! Will start knocking until it blows a rod! Sure enougj
They were right! I did win my small claims case they paid for another new engine!


I have seen several engines overfilled to the point that they blew the dipstick out and after driving several miles draining and refilling with the proper amount got them running with no problems. I feel sure that they all soon needed catalytic converters though.I can’t imagine that 2 quarts over would cause mechanical damage to the engine.

It’s usually possible to drain a little out, check the level, and drain a little more if necessary. This is easier than draining it all out and starting over. In any event whatever oil you drain out, best to use that for lubing your tree pruners, chain saw cutting-chain, etc. Use that drained oil for something that will tolerate a little dirt and debris in other words. Don’t pour it back into the engine.

A quart or two over shouldn’t hurt anything.

In some cases if the engine is way overfilled then damage can occur and especially if the engine hydrolocks. In cases like that it can bend connecting rods, break pistons, or crack rings.

I’d guess the faster the engine rpm the more likely something bad would occur. Driving to the local 7-11 at 30 mph is probably ok, but 75 mph on the freeway, probably not ok. It depends of course on how much of an overfill occurred of course. 1/2 quart over isn’t nearly as concerning as 2 quarts over.

OP would be wise to ask someone car-knowledgeable to show them how to check the oil level on the dipstick correctly.

Thanks for your response, yes what Click&Clack said, was those small engines do not have the capability to handle the extra oil, it turns into bubbles the air in the oil won’t work!, so the bearning get damaged, which is what another shop diagnosed it! This was a new engine, they refused to cover the warranty, I still had my old engine, so I had it rebuilt, from a crook rebuilder, put in a different head it lasted less then 3k miles they put plugs to repair a used cracked head and the plugs fell out!, the rebuilder offered a 7 yr warranty, in a contract but I did not read the find print one had to have the vehicle inspected by them every week, in order to keep the warranty in order otherwise they void the contract! ,

It cost me quite a bit but had another company rebuild the motor with a new head then sold the truck!

OK I told this before but still. . . In college my wife (then girl friend) had gotten a 61 or 62 Plymouth to use from her dad. He told her to be sure to keep the oil filled. She complied literally. When she drove the 100 miles home, she fogged the fields the whole way. When her dad looked at it then, she had filled the oil up all right. She filled it to the top. Never hurt a thing but killed a few mosquitoes. Don’t tell her I said anything.

My experience working with early models american vehicles usually leaked oil, the technology was not the best for seals, now days most vehicles have better seals .

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