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Overfilling engine oil

I went the dealer for an oil change. Judging from the leftover oil and the dipstick, I think they overfilled about 0.5 quart of oil in my V6.

Is this normal? Do I need to worry about it?


1/2 qt of extra oil in the crankcase is nothing to worry about.
However, I am not sure about what you meant by “leftover oil”.
Can you clarify that part of your message?

I brought my own oil in 1-quart bottles. There were six of these 1-quart bottles. They almost used up the 5th bottle. My car takes 4.5 quarts of oil (w/ filter). So I estimated that there were about 0.5 quart extra in there. I am not sure how clean they drain the old oil but I hope the old oils were all gone.

A half quart over is nothing to worry about at all. I’ve routinely overfilled my cars for years by this amount and consider it a minor supplemental engine insurance policy. :slight_smile:

This whole business is weird. You bring your own oil to the dealer? Do you also bring your own steaks and potatoes to the restaurant? And you say the mechanic returned your empty dirty jugs to you? Why?!

Anyway, your engine will do just fine. Nothing to worry about. Perhaps next time you should bring him only 5.5 quarts.

You should check your oil level using the dipstick rather than how many bottles were used.

I brought my own synthetic oil because the dealer charged an arm and a leg for it. And the place I live doesn’t allow me to do oil change on the property. They didn’t return the empty jugs. There were 6 individual jugs (6 quarts in total) and they just returned the unused/leftover ones.

Next time, I will only bring just enough oil.


I did check the dipstick, under both warm and cold condition. There seems to be about 1/4 inch above the MAX line.

That isn’t a problem at all. Like OK4450, I too often fill to above the line. Overfilling does not present a problem until the leve gets so high that the crankshaft is whipping it into a frappe. That doesn’t begin to be a possibility until you get above an extra quart or more.

Kudos, by the way, for checking your oil, especially after an oil change. What you’re doing is the intelligent and prudent thing. Diligence like yours would have saved many a destroyed engine.

The lube-rack guy probably gave you back what was left after he changed the oil in HIS car! Your car got the standard bulk oil…:slight_smile:

I know the technical reason an overfilled engine can be damaged BUT of the probably 200 or so trashed engines I have seen over the past 35 years, not one was damaged because it was overfilled.