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Car will not start in 1990 Integra

Not a dead battery as it’s new (no clicking sound either). It tries to start, the engine just does not “turn over” (if that’s the correct term).
Alternator of generator problem?

Do you have power to other areas (headlights, radio, etc.)? If the battery has a full charge, then it’s not the alternator. If you can get a voltmeter, see if the starter it getting full battery voltage (around 12V) when you try and start it. If it is, then it’s the starter, have it removed and checked. It could be the starter solenoid, some have contacts that wear out over time resulting in a ‘non start’ condition with a good battery.

Thanks Texases. All of the lights, etc. are working. I had a new ignition switch put in about 2 years ago, but not sure about the starter. Do these things just all of a sudden go out? And yes, I KNOW my car is old, but being the original owner makes me really attached to the car, so I know I have to deal with little things breaking down here and there!

If this is the original starter, then you’ve gotten a loooong life out of it. Yes, they do go out. Have it tested.

Turns out it was the distributor…completely DEAD! Oh well

The distributor? And when you turned the key nothing happened? I don’t get it, but if it’s fixed, great!

I have a feeling Michelle meant it wouldn’t fire when she said it wouldn’t turn over.

Ha ha! Guess I need a proper lesson in car lingo. However, if nothing happened when the key was turned, I would have said it that way. Oh well. Maybe there needs to be a glossary of descriptive terminology when one of us non- car people attempts to describe a problem. I do LOVE this forum and don’t want to confuse folks when I pose a question.

Have a great weekend.

So I’m still puzzled: when you turned the key there was no noise? No rrrrrrrr of the engine turning over, but not starting? Or did it turn over, but not start?

Yes, there was a noise, like in the movies when people are trying desperately to get away from someone evil and their car is trying to start ( as in just the starter cranking/working I guess) but the engine never starts up. NOT like a dead battery issue where there is just the clicking sound (or No sound) Anyway, I’m happy the car is running again, so no worries.

OK, glad it turned out well.

Distributors are a common issue on these cars. It probably didn’t take too long for whomever diagnosed it to figure it out. These miscommunications are one of the problems we tend to have with trying to help people diagnose problems over the Internet, without being able to see, hear, and touch the car.