Turn signal and failure to start

From time to time, my 2005 Volvo XC90 (it’s red, but I don’t think that matters) won’t start. It’s not the battery - I tested it - and often, a second key will start it right up. The problem seems most acute if I’ve turned right into the parking place and the wheels are still pointed rightward.

In addition, the right turn signal will often do a fast-blink and the error message says the bulb’s burned out. I’ve changed the bulb and the problem continues.

I’m wondering if there’s something in the steering column that detects the chip in the key and is maybe locking out the engine, or if there’s a wire harness in the column that’s affecting both the starting and turn-signal functions.

Any suggestions? The independent shop I use hasn’t been able to replicate my problems, and the Volvo dealership has been really obnoxious about my even asking the question. (They tell me that what I’m describing is impossible.)

This sounds like something you will have to use a dealership for, or possibly a Volvo specialty shop. While the problem could be in the wiring in the steering column, I’m more inclined to believe you have a problem with your body control module, or BCM. The BCM controls just about everything in your car, other than antilock brakes, the engine, transmission, airbags, and electronic stability control. You may want to try contacting a different Volvo dealership, even if you have to call out of state. The problem is definitely not impossible. I have never seen a Volvo do this, but I have seen plenty of more common cars have similar issues. Unfortunately, the dealership is about the only place with the wares to deal with a BCM issue, but they have to be willing.

I would not be surprised if there is a chip in the key that may now have a bad battery.

Remember there are at least two turn signal lamps, one front one back.

You can have a great battery, but if the contacts have not been cleaned in a few years, you can get some very weird problems such as the one you describe.