Engine Mounts

My husband has a 2002 Honda Civic and has been told by 3 different mechanics the “engine mount” is cracked. How much are we talking about in terms of expense? We know it is cracked, but how much are we talking about to fix it? Thoughts please!

Personally I can not give you a figure but get 3 estimates for the range of cost for the repair.

Not one of the 3 mechanics gave you a price quote? The cost could vary quite a bit, depending on the location of the mount and what type of mount it is.

More like we did not ask for an estimate - 2 were at different dealers, one a private mechanic.

The car also has more than one mount and we don’t even know which one you’re talking about.
The price can also vary widely based on where the part is procured, the amount of markup, and shop labor rates; with the latter varying wildly based on what part of the country you live in.

You should have asked the mechanics who inspected the car for an estimate and failing that; one or two of them could have courteously thrown out a ballpark figure.