Engine loud after getting tires

Yes it does. So does terrorism, but that doesn’t mean I assume everyone I see on the street is going to blow me up. Mechanic sabotage exists, but is rare. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to you, but it does mean that you won’t be able to just go to a judge and say “some mechanics sabotage cars and therefore my mechanic sabotaged my car.” You will have to bring actual evidence to the table.


There are so many things about this thread that don’t add up. Very few tire shops will put new tires on the front wheels only now. Why hasn’t this been in the shop for insurance repair ? OP says new car but 38000 miles suggests more than a year old. It apparently has warranty so let the dealer look at it and find out what is really wrong. As for mechanic sabotage , if it does happen I would think it would be something the garage could return to normal without much effort.


If it had major engine problems, how and why did she even drive it out of the tire shop? And why is she so unwilling to get the dealer to look at it? That would be the first step in any claim against the tire shop.


The legal system requires proof, rather than innuendo and “thinking” that somebody committed a certain act.

I get that the OP is very angry.
However, that is the only part of the diatribe that is clear.

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Sadly, it does. But you are going to have to find one that you can trust- or this will be a never ending cycle for you. Even an honest mechanic can tell you that your car needs work done that you may not think it does- especially if you don’t know much about cars.

Ask friends, family, coworkers, etc who they go to (and who they trust,) for auto repairs, and start there. Mechanics aren’t all crooks, and none of us are perfect either. building a good relationship with one can help you a ton in the long run- as one thing if for certain: parts break, cars need maintenance, and very rarely will a car break down at a good time in your life.

A hole punched in the muffler, and a spark plug or injector disconnected.

The dealer will certainly find out.

Could be as simple as a vacuum line coming off or being pulled off, but the bottom line is you really need to evaluate the places being picked for service, or the area you live in. I’ve never experienced this kind of thing.

When I was about 16 my dad came home with his Stude Lark running terrible. I took a look and found a vacuum line had come off on its own. One minute later it was running fine again, but someone just has to take a look.


By the way, that does not qualify as a HUGE scratch. Why is it that the less people know about cars, the more paranoid they are and more certain that every penny they spent on cat repair or maintenance was a ripoff.

The more you claim that mechanics have been ripping you off for years and years with unnecessary repairs, the less credible you have become. No one on this forum has charged you a penny and you have become abusive to us. That indicates to me that you just careen through life spewing venom at whatever you bounce off of.

Why are you driving around in a car you still owe a ton of money on, without getting it repaired. Don’t you realize it is a safety hazard to you? Who knows how much crash resistance and structural integrity you have lost. Also driving it like that can cause further damage. Just jacking it up to change tires can cause damaged parts to move and damage wiring and other things.


What is weird is that the check engine light has not come on. I know it supposed to when something goes wrong…

Old timer, your post is abusive, btw…

I disagree that @oldtimer-11’s post is abusive. He disagreed with you in a reasonable way. Disagreement is not abuse.


Not very nice… What is clear is that if I thought for one minute that I would be spewed with a tsunami of negativity, I would not have bothered with you.

I am not driving it
I drove it away from shop because they were talking over me the minute I walked in the door.
It took time to get appointment at dealership, so I thought this would be a helpful, non-jugemental place to get honest thoughts about what was wrong with my car since you guys have nothing to gain financially.
It is the biggest investment of my life thus far, so yes, I am going to be very angry.
The only thing clear about this thread is that I came here to utilize this resource, only to be obnoxiously dismissed, referred to as if I don’t exist. What do you guys do for a living? Hmmm, let me guess… Are you mechanics!? Sounds like it, the way you are treating me. THIS is what females are treated like when we go to a shop, and why I resorted to a chat space to innocently ask what might be wrong.
If you were in front of me, would you be so mean? Hidden behind a keyboard.

And, pointing-out inconsistencies and disagreeing with someone’s conclusions is also not abusive or “mean”. Do you never encounter somebody who disagrees with you in a face-to-face situation?


Would you rather have someone be nice and lie to you, or tell you the truth, even if it hurts a little? I’d rather have people tell me the truth. At any rate, only some issues will light up the trouble light. Usually it is related to electronics and sensors and things the computer monitors. So you can have lots of problems and the check engine light will not come on.

And a lot of us are retired, professional, engineers, professors, etc. as well as some mechanics and shop owners. A pretty docile group actually unless you bring up politics or self-driving cars. At any rate it didn’t cost you anything.


… even if this exercise resulted in responses from people who don’t necessarily agree with the OP.

The tires were determined to be unserviceable during a state vehicle safety inspection. The tire shop later confirmed this. Possibly due to uneven wear which indicated an alignment problem most likely caused by the accident. Since the original tires are no doubt gone (recycled) the dealership will have to check the alignment and possible suspension damage. They should also be able to diagnose the noise and performance problems. Unfortunately if these problems are determined to be caused by the accident or sabotage they will not be covered by the factory warranty.

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So verbal disagreement = abuse . . . ? :thinking:

That means there are billions of evil people in the world :fearful:

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It took longer than I thought it would for this thread to devolve from trying to fix a car and into taking offense at the responses.

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