Front end noise

My car makes a noise like it has a bump on a tire. Tires are OK. I hear it best at lower speeds

One possibility might be a wheel bearing. If it gets louder when you turn in any one direction then it is typically the front wheel that is on the side opposite to the direction of the turn (i.e. right turn, left front wheel)

A wheel bearing is a good suspect. But I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss the tires either. How do you know they’re “ok?” Lots of tire problems (such as a slipped belt) can’t be seen and don’t necessarily have to do with age. I’ve gotten bad tires off the rack before.

Also just do a quick check of your lug nuts the next time you go to drive it.

Turned out it was a bad tire. When I rotated them I was looking down at the tread. Missed a separation that I could only have seen by looking from the side. Replaced both front end tires. There is still a slight “whump, whump, whump” sound but it’s due to some flat spots on both tires that the owner of the tire store showed me. He said it was because the rear tires don’t have a lot weight on them but was kind enough to not tell me it was also because I wasn’t rotating them every 5,000 miles or so. Who knew! Not me! I’m a retired pastor and will be 66 years old Monday and I have never heard that lack of weight causing flat spots in my life. Lots of tread left so he suggested if I can tolerate the racket to go another 5,000 miles and then buy two more tires. His honesty will get my business!

Thanks to anyone who read this and at least thought about my problem.

Jon L. White,

There’s a lot I don’t know - but I’ve also never heard of a lack of weight causing flat spots. I wonder…but I suppose if he didn’t try to sell you new ones perhaps it is someone to be trusted.

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Flat spotting or scalloping is common on the rear of front drive cars if the tires are not rotated due to the bouncing from driving around without rear passengers most of the time. After all the suspension has to be stiff enough to handle 2 or 3 passengers and a trunk full of luggage.

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