Engine loud after getting tires

So, I dropped my car off for 2 new tires, and when I picked it up, a few things were different.

Right away, I noticed my engine was super loud.

My car drove completely different. Shoddy, unresponsive when I would accelerate (at any speed, but especially slow at higher rates of speed).

Engine has a little shimmy to it now.

Oil level is fine.

No check engine light (at least, not yet).

I needed new tires for state inspection, and had a few repairs to make, so to save $, I just got tires and no allignment because I was going to get in for 2 back tires in a week or so after I got paid. I know that is going to chew up my tire, but I told the guy I would be back soon for rare tires and did not want to pay for allignment twice (once for front tires now, and another allignment when I buy 2 rear tires later). Money is super tight while I try to get this car to pass inspection.

When I ordered the tires, I had been told only about the cost of tires, so I was taken aback when I got there and it was going to cost more.

As I tried to ask about skipping allignment (albeit very temporarily) the salesman/tech just spoke over me.

We both became agitated with eachother…

You can see where this is going.

When car was picked up, I noticed a HUGE new scratch near where the bumper meets the upper-side of the car. A college kid crashed into my car head on and in the front.

The guy who gave me my keys argued with me that it was there because of the accident. I told him that simply wasn’t true because that was not where my car was hit, and to pass inspection I either have to replace bumper asap, or temporarily zip tie the area together, so needless to say I have been meticulously observing this area a few days before dropping off car for tires.

You can see where this is going, right?

Salesman storms off angrily.

I know for a fact that the accident did not cause this scratch. Of course I have insurance pictures.

I get it that I should have just walked away. I get it that I should have just gotten the allignment because it could be a tire noise I am hearing…


The engine sounds just like the 16 year old Saturn with tranny problems that I traded in for this car.

Oh yeah, did I mention that this is a brand new car? Have only taken it in for oil changes. It used to purr.

I owe $13k and my investment is shot from some mans pride hurt over my inturrupting him once or twice? I guess so.

Taking it in to dealer. It is under warranty. I have new car protection, too. Trading it in asap, because God only knows what an angry group of mechanics can do in an hour.

Now, penny for your thoughts. Be gentle, pls. I just got hit with the financial loss of my life.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If it’s brand new, why do you need new tires? How were the old ones worn?

I don’t see how replacing the tires could make the engine “super loud”. could you provide more details? or make the engine unresponsive.

I’m also unclear on what “engine shimmy” means. Elaborate?

FYI, you do not need to get an alignment when you get rear tires if you got an alignment when you got the front tires recently (unless, of course, you whack a curb or something and knock it out of whack again).

You don’t even need to get an alignment when you get new tires at all, unless the old tires are indicating that you need one.

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38k miles on car… Never a problem with car. Only got oil changes up until that point. That car drove flawlessly and purred sweetly.My state inspection deemed the tires unsafe/too bald to drive.

Loud noise under hood sounds like a freight train when started, hesitates when accelerating, is seemingly guzzling more gas, is very loose feeling to drive. All of this, and the scratch on upper side, New after dropping off.

It’s under warrantee, ask the dealer what’s going on. It may be a coincidence. As was mentioned, an alignment is not needed when you change tires. However, they should be balanced.

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So there you go-no allignment needed. Thank you. That is why I was asking them questions about whether the allignment was even necessary.

They were trying to rip me off by trying to upsell allignment son two different visits, totaling an extra $100 in allingnment cost alone.

Engine shimmy is when you look at the engine under the hood as it is idling, and it shakes, as it it is mis-firing or a belt not timed right. It has a shake from side-to-side when it did not before.

I wish it was a coincidence, but a new scratch and several new problems after changing tires and a nasty argument with the sales guy pissed when I called bs on the do-or-die timely allignment for front tires? I have been tourtured mercilessly when I was quiet, sweet, submissive, docile, and agreeable… All of these issues simply did not exist until they touched it. I am open-hearted and give ppl the benefit of the doubt, but I am not naive.

To clarify, I did not say that an alignment was definitely unnecessary in your case. I would need to see how the old tires wore before making that call.

I will say that 40k out of factory tires is about par for the course, so it’s not surprising they were worn out by then.

regardless, you need someone to look at the car and see what’s going on. As it’s still under warrantee, the dealer would be the logical person to do that. Document everything and keep all paperwork, so you can go back to the tire place with a lawyer if needed.

PS, that photo shows a lot more damage than a scratch…


My point, BillRussel, is that they tinkered with it maliciously. Happens all the time. Mechanics can be dirty and purposely mess up things on purpose (take ppl for a ride) just to make them spend money at shop cuz car is always mysteriously going bad on the car. It isn’t Tire-related. There is no reason in the world why I would have a loud a-f engine and a new scratch if all they did was their job like good boys. They tinkered with it somehow, and caused these problems.

Right. I called the manufacturer and they confirmed what you just said. 30-50k mile lifespan on base tires that came with the car.

I have always heard to get an allignment. I would rather not pay the money for one, but I am sure the dealer service department will tell me what is up…if I need allignment or not.

Yes, the bumper was dislocated from the head on accident when a kid hit my car with an SUV, but the scratches where the paint is missing was all new; was not there before and insurance photos confirm that.

I am not asking WHAT to do. I am asking what would cause an engine to suddenly be loud, loose power, and essentially crap the bed. Tranny fluid drained? Hole in exhaust? What would cause this cluster of symptoms? Those are my questions.

It is kinda he said she said, as far as my state law sees it. At least at this point. Perhaps the dealer will back me up. I have a feeling they will. It just got an oil change from them a month or two ago. They should be able to tell me about discrepancies. Like I said, clean bill of health before dropping it off for an hour.

Good Grief, I don’t see any way a forum can help you Angela. Find a friend or relative that can be with you and find out why the insurance does not have your vehicle in for repair.

The problem is, it’s hard to say whether the tire repair shop caused the engine trouble somehow, or whether it is a delayed result of the prior accident. At least not until the problem has been properly diagnosed. That’s what I’d focus on with this problem, getting a proper diagnosis. I’ve had shops who made a mistake in the process of doing work; and shops who denied they made the mistake; but I’ve never experienced a shop purposely damaging my vehicle.

My question really is:
What would cause these symptoms?

Engine loosing power upon acceleration.

Very loud when starting engine.

Engine now shakes.

If a forum on cars cannot give me an idea about what may cause these symptoms, then why does this community exist?

Anyone would wonder about what happened with a big, new scratch and a roaring engine that purred when I dropped it off.

Good Grief!

Wow, you are lucky. Google-search it. It happens all the time. My former car is an old Saturn. I had shops tell me I needed parts replaced, and they were going to charge me $600 for something I did not even need. In the course of owning that car for years, I dumped $3,000 into it as a result of mechanic after mechanic telling me I need stuff. I was once sold bald tires, that wore out in about a month. When that tire blew, the AAA tow guy was disgusted about how someone tipped me off.

Mechanic sabotage does exist.

Is the check engine light on? It should be. Get the codes read, most auto parts stores will do that free. Tell us the codes, they will be in the form of P0123.

Sounds like the engine is missing (misfiring), but that could be due to many problems. A bad spark plug or wire comes to mind.