Engine light on with cruise control light flashing Subie Turbo 2.5 limited

I have a 2006 2.5 limited turbo outback wagon. Recently the engine light came on not flashing…the cruise control light is flashing. I live in a very remote area over a hour away from a dealer ship…and having problems finding someone with a diagnostic tool…Am I damaging my car by driving it still…I did just prior to the lights coming on filled the tank and after checking the cap I realized I did not tighten it as I should have.Help

Now the cap is on tight, remove ground battery cable for 10 minutes. This should clear the codes. If it comes back take it to Autozone or Advanced and have them read the codes and get back to us.

The cruise is only flashing and is disabled because the check engine light is on. So don’t worry about that.

Make sure you have enough engine oil…

Otherwise drive it at your next convience to a decent shop. Mine (2005 Legacy turbo wagon) did the same 6 months ago and went out. No idea what the issue was.

When the CEL light is flashing you need to be more concerned about getting the car to the shop ASAP. You might consider purchasing an inexpensive code reader to help with issues like this.

Code reader…


Thanks Guys,
We checked the oil and My Guy un-hooked the cable as was instructed…started my car…NO LIGHTS…I can not thank you enough …I have been so worried…I baby this car…
Since you are the experts may be you can tell me just how long this car needs to idle prior to engaging and how long it should idle before I can turn her off …to allow the oil in the turbo to settle or warm…I live in the mountains with severe driving conditions…Thanks again…Kel

You shouldn’t have to worry about idleing the engine before shutting it off unless the engine is hotter than nomal. The best thing you can do for the turbo is make sure the oil changes get done at the proper time and the coolant level is always full. There may be small banjo oil filter for the turbo and sometimes they get clogged which causes problems for the turbo. If there are any concerns for the turbo they should be mentioned in the Owner’s Manual.