P0401 code coming on my car

Hi i have a 2002 honda accord v6. I been getting code p0401 on my car. I clean out the upper intake out and got all the carbon stuff out. And I replace the egr vavle two times on the car. But I was driven it yesterday and my check engine light and tcs light came back on again. It seems too me when ever my check engine light comes on the tcs comes on but if you turn the car off its goes away for a little bit but as you drive the car it comes back on. But i scan the car and the code p0401 comes up again. What else could be the problem.

Truthfully, your shorthand and lack of punctuation is so distracting that I can’t begin to think about your problem. Maybe I am just living up to my username.


And your post without sentence structure will drive people crazy . They will just move on to other help requests .

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Agree with the other’s you need to write in (american english)

Edit: see josh’s rewrite below.

Does anyone have any ideas for him?

Ok sorry about it I retype whats going on

Hi when the engine light comes on the tcs light comes on the same time. But if you shut the car off the tcs light goes off intill you drive the car a little bit. But the check engine light stays on. Intill it gets clear off. I did everything I got told too do. I got 2 new egr valves and clean the intake out.

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It’s quite possible the passages are not completely cleaned out. There are a couple of YouTube videos about it to watch. Also you can google for a Honda Accord forum and search there for P0401 code solutions.

You really jumped the gun on this one, in my opinion

That code didn’t tell you “Replacing the EGR valve will take care of the code”

The code is a starting poing

Did you verify proper power and ground, as far as the EGR valve is concerned?

Is the egr valve even getting a signal to do its thing

What about the egr passages . . . I’m assuming there’s some kind of an egr pipe on this car

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I clean all the intake on top. I clean the hole on the engine part too. I clean the Hoses. I checked the hoses too. And today the code came back up

I believe P0401 is an “isufficient egr flow” code

Are you sure the egr valve is actually activating?

And you didn’t answer my question about power and ground . . .

How can I test it too see if i am getting power too it?