Check Engine Light On

Have 2001 Odyssey. Check engine light has been on. Had computer diagnosic and the mechanic said I needed to replace the EGR valve. Had that done yesterday. Drove the car a little bit and the light came back on. Also had the TCS light come at the same time. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Well those codes don’t say replace egr valve. They say this or that mmeasurement is high low missing or whatever. Even a good mechanic can guess wrong. Not so good mechanics guess wrong a lot.

I suggest getting the actual code (like [P0123]) and post it here along with any unusual sounds etc.

Replacing parts because of diagnostic codes is common, but often doesn’t work b/c as J Meehan said, those codes only point to a problem in a system. The problem itself still requires diagnosis. So get the code and have someone actually TEST various components.

If the same code turned the light back on I can’t imagine that it is related to the TCS light - I suppose it is possible but I can’t think of a single reason that those two things would be related. It is possible that check engine light came on - as a matter of coincidence - for a whole different reason. Either way, someone will have to hook it up to a scanner and figure it out.

If you trust this mechanic just take it back. If it is a reputable business and the EGR problem isn’t fixed they should work with you since they may have charged you for the wrong thing the first time. But the next time someone wants to put a new part on because of a code ask them whether or not they have followed all recommended testing to fully isolate the problem.