Engine light and head lights

How are they connected?

Most manufacturers use wires and switches…

To each other? They’re not.

Or do you mean the light in the engine compartment that allows you to check the oil in the dark?

very funny! The head lights and the check engine light. They must be connected somehow. When one is on, the other is off!!!

I am not joking!!! When the check engine light is, the headlights are off. It works both ways!!!

You may have a short or carbon track in the instrument cluster. The only way to find out is to pull the cluster out and inspect the backside of it. Do you have any codes?

the “check engine” or “service engine soon” or “(engine emblem)” light, amber in color? Are you saying that the engine light is on with the car running and that when you turn on headlights the engine light goes off?

roeperzabou, no one thinks that you’re joking about having a problem and asemaster wasn’t being funny (Caddyman probably was).

The problem is that what you have posted is so hopelessly ambiguous that no one has any earthly idea what you are asking. Try using more than 10 words to describe your problem.

Locate the fuse block. remove it. Turn it over. Look for melted contact areas that have allowed the two circuits to merge…This can happen when high-power headlamps are installed or by manipulating the dimmer switch, you are able to get BOTH high and low-beams on at the same time, overloading the circuit and melting the plastic fuse holders…