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2004 Ford Taurus electrical problem

my son has a 2004 Ford Taurus that has an electrical problem. His “idiot” lights are often lit even though his brake is not on, his oil or water are not low. And every few months, his car will not start and must be jumped for a week or so then that problem goes away. It only clicks when he tries to start it. He replaced the battery last year. He has taken it to both the Ford dealer and another mechanic and neither could identify the problem. We are taking it to my mechanic, any ideas what to tell him to check?

Be aware:

  1. The brake warning light isn’t just for the parking brake. It also warns of low brake fluid level. Have you checked the brake fluid level? Have you tried adding some.
  2. The oil light is a “no oil pressure” light, not a low oil level light. Your oil level can be okay, but you can still lose pressure if there is an oil pump or internal engine problem. You should have the pressure checked with a mechanical gauge. Maybe it will just be the pressure switch.

Is it a low coolant level or a high engine temperature light that is coming on?
Exactly which lights come on? Do they all come on and go off at the same time?
Is the check engine light one of the lights that is on?

thanks for the warning, I appreciate it. The lights do come on and go off at the same time, the check engine light doesn’t come on but the brake, oil and water (coolant?) lights do come on. The first few times that this happened, we did check all levels and have had the Ford dealer mechanic and another mechanic check because truthfully, we aren’t that smart about cars. I’m forcing my son to take it to my mechanic (who is fabulous and very booked), I was just hoping to point him a direction. Thanks again.

I guess that leaves some sort of issue with the cluster or the wiring to it. Maybe a loose ground?