Engine light and head lights

How are they connected? On my way back home from work, I nocticed that the yellow engine light was on. I immediatly called my car mecanic. He asked me to bring the car in the next morning. Off course the light wasn’t on the next morning. He offers to check it anyway. He didn’t find something wrong with the car. Again on my way back from work,the next day, the light is on! But this is what I have found. If I turn on the headlights, the engine light turns off… I spoke with my car mecanic who was very puzzled by it. He had never heard of this before!!! He sort of has an idea… What is yours?

Why did you start a whole new thread? (http://community.cartalk.com/posts/list/2223602.page) I’m convinced that some people just want to make it difficult to get other people to help them.

First, there is such a thing as a coincidence. The other day I took my shoe off while sitting on my patio. At the moment I removed my shoe a tree branch fell down. Should I now be afraid to remove my shoes if sitting on my patio?

Are you saying that this is a very regular, predictable, and reliable thing? How many times has this happened?

Find out if your mechanic’s code reader picks up history codes. If your check engine light was on last night and off this morning there won’t be any current error codes. But there is a history code stored. Not all code readers pick up history codes.