Engine 'jumping' when cold

I have a 2001 Ford Escape, and since the colder weather set in it is tacking below 1 and ‘jumping’ when idle. When accelerating and/or once the heat gage has reach midway, the car is fine. I added a bottle of gas additive to the tank 3 weeks back, but the problem persists. The engine light is on but no code is registering. Help/suggestions are much appreciated.

I Don’t Know What Condition This Escape Is In Or How Many Miles Are On It.
I Don’t Know Anything About Escapes.
A Don’t Know If This TSB Referred To Applies And I Don’t Know If This Would Light The CEL, But Set No Codes.
I Don’t Know If These Symptoms Are Like Your’s.
I Don’t Know If This Is Your Engine Or If This Has Already Been Done To Your’s.
I Just Don’t Know.


Maybe you can check 'er out, eh ?

May the force be with you !

I don’t know who or what is reading the codes - but if the check engine light is on then there are codes.

A sticky IAC valve as CSA’s link points to is certainly one possibility. But don’t go just guessing.