2001 Ford Escape problem

Our 2001 Ford Escape (3.0l V6) has been having intermittent stalling issues at places like stoplights and stop signs. We have added fuel injector cleaner, replaced the air filter, and have had it to a shop to be looked at. The repair shop was not able to recreate the problem, so they were of no help. After some research, I think it might be the Mass Air Flow sensor, but it does not have all of the symptoms of a dirty of faulty MAF sensor. Does anyone else have any ideas?

The problem might be in the Idle Air Control circuit, Most likely with the IAC motor itself.

A quick test to determine this is, when coming to a stop and you feel the engine is going to stall, with your foot firmly on the brake slightly tip into the accelerator pedal. If this prevents the engine from stalling, then the problem is most likely with the IAC motor. Especially since this a Ford.


First, thanks Tester for your reply. I was reminded that I should included in my ition post everything we either tried or the repair shop looked at.

The shop checked the engine for vacuum leaks, checked the PCM codes and the IAC valve. There were no vacuum leaks, no PCM codes and the IAC valve was good.

Sorry Tester if we wasted your time by not including what was already done.

When my IAC went out on a 4.6L Ford V8, it was intermittent for a long time. It was worse when it was cold and the problem often went away when it was warmed up. I don’t know how the shop would test an IAC. Do the test that Tester suggested. A slight throttle plate opening makes the IAC valve irrelevant and isolates the problem.