Engine failure but power stays on

As I am driving my vehicle the engine light comes on and then the engine stalls forcing me to pull over and restart the engine. Most of the time it restarts immediately and sometimes it restarts a little later. Also interstingly is that the dashboard panel does not go off. Its like having your car in run position. Any ideas to diagnose this would be appreciated.

The engine can shut down because of a lack of ignition spark; because of a lack of fuel pressure; because of the lack of appropriate signel to the computer module; and many more.

This is going to be a tough dog to diagnose because you can restart it soon after the problem occurs. The mechanic is going to have to see the problem occur and it has to remain long enough to do some trouble shooting.

Good luck on this.

Sounds like a bad ignition switch to me.

Engine Light Comes On…If it did…then it should have stored an error code. Have you had the error codes read???

Today it stopped again but the A/T light came on. The car wouldnt start for the most part. I say that because it would start but jump between 300-500 rpms and then die. This vehicle has been sitting for a long time. Its what we call an island car here in hawaii. The tank of gas might have been sitting for up to a year. Could the fuel filter be clogged? Would the ignition switch shut off a car like this?