2015 Nissan Pathfinder - Dies

car starts ok .after driving 15 min. car cuts out,will not restart. atter waiting 15 - 20 min. It will restart without much power. mechanic checked battery . still the same problem.

Quite a puzzle you got there OP. Stalling when hot, then fails to start until engine cools, is often an ignition system problem. Given that battery/alternator test good, crank position sensor, ignition module, coil packs, etc. are the remaining common suspects. Best bet is to take it to a good shop, ask them to keep it there, and drive it several times a day. Once the engine stalls for them, pretty good chance they’ll be able to narrow down the exact cause.

Don’t want to leave your car at the shop? Ok, but the shop techs will have a very difficult to impossible chance of discovering the cause unless they can test it when the problem is happening.