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2007 Nissan Pathfinder - Died at Stoplight

My vehicle had the same issue, stopped at a stop sign, it turned off and now can´t turn it back on.

Not much information to go on here… What are we supposed to discern from this?

Anywho… does your vehicle have any battery power after this stalling happened? Does it crank the engine and not start or is the vehicle dark n dead? If it is dark and dead or nearly so… this means either your battery has died…either from age or internal problems…or the alternator is unable or unwilling to charge the battery.

Let us know about the electrical power situation… The more details you give… the closer we can get you to the problem.

With such little information as to what happened, this could be anything from a defective battery or loose electrical connection to a failed fuel pump to a broken timing belt. The last time I had a fuel pump quit, it died while I was stopped at a light.

Does it crank ok — that rrr rrrr rrrr sound w/the key in “start” — but doesn’t catch and run on its own? Or is this a fails to crank? The diagnostic procedure is completely different, depending on which.

My truck engine stalled at a stoplight a few weeks ago. It would then crank but wouldn’t catch and run. That turned out to be a problem w/the ignition system.