Engine died mid drive but the radio and dash panel stayed on any help?

I was driving my car to school and right before I got to a busy intersection the speedometer dropped off and then my engine shut its self off, the radio and dashboard panel still had power and were working fine, the driving panel had lights blinking like I had the car in the on position without the engine going. I had to put my car into park and then start it up again. it started right up with out a problem and I made it to school but im scared to take it home tonight. Any idea as to what is wrong with my car?

Maintenence history (good or bad)?
Any other operating problems recently?

The symptoms you experienced on the dashboard were all normal and correct for an engine shutting down with the key in the “on” position.

If the car is 1996 or newer, you should have some fault codes stored in the computer which should be looked at and can be posted here.

Beyond that, without knowing more it’s impossible to speculate. Answer the questions in my reply, post the fault codes, and we’ll try to help.

My sisters 98ish Accord had a recall related to the ignition switch having issues. There was a recall for it. It would do exactly as you state stall then restart fine.

The trouble may be due to a faulty ignition relay.