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Accord electrical - all dash, then car dies

My daughter’s 98 Accord has just started this: all the dash idiot lights come on and flash (together, she thinks), the speedometer, RPM and the temp gages (not so sure about the temp gage, positive about the others) bobbed up and down and the engine cut out. She’s not sure if the engine died gradually or suddenly (as when a main relay fails). The car restarted once and quickly died in the same way. On the second restart it stayed good and she got home (short distance).

This reminds me a lot of the failed main relay on her sister’s Civic (same year), which had a bullseye, hairline crack in one of the soldered connections. A quick resolder and that was fixed.

What’s your take on the Accord? The Civic CEL always came on but it had none of the other dash light malarky of the Accord.


I think you are on the right track in your thinking John. I would check for a faulty power connection to the engine ignition area or maybe something like a faulty fuel pump relay. The ignition switch could be a pssibility also I suppose.

This sounds like a failing ignition switch. This car should be under a Recall for that problem so this means it’s a free fix if it has not been done previously.

There are other Recalls open on this car so the best method here is the shotgun approach and get them all done at once. It’s free so take advantage of it.
I think there is also a Recall out for ball joints on this car and since that is the most lethal to the driver suspension part on the car you should make sure this gets done also.