Engine diagrams: where can I find

I want to identify a part on my engine. The shop reference manual, Chilton’s, and

Haynes lack complete diagrams that

identify every part. Is there somewhere online?

87 Toyota Pickup

I think the best thing you can get is a copy of the factory service manual. Check out Ebay to get one at a good price.

can you post a picture…someone will identify it for you. Or you can
go to your dealership and ask the parts department for help

When I wrote ‘shop reference manual’ I meant ‘factory service manual’.
Astonishingly, to me, it lacks pictures or diagrams of the engine that
identify every feature.

I’m not confident that this obscure feature will be identifiable from a picture.
The dealership probably knows, but the closest is 10 miles away. I was hoping
to avoid a trip.