Engine cuts off after a few minutes


I have a 1991 Subaru XT6, manual transmission. The car is new to me…just bought it a few weeks ago. Had timing belts and tensioners replaced; it was a known issue when I bought it.

It always starts up fine, but after driving for a few minutes, I have this weird problem. It’s more likely to happen when I decelerate and the engine revs down. Now, after about 5 minutes of driving, the engine will start to cut out. The panel lights will flicker on and off as the engine cuts in and out, and eventually cuts off. It will start right back up, but continue trying to cut off after a few seconds. What could be happening?


Could it be an almost plugged fuel filter. But heck trying to see that tank half full- think of all that gas money it is saving you… I’d replace the filter an add a can of sea foam to the tank as thisis a super cheap first repair try…


It sounds like it’s losing fuel supply. Possibly a fuel pump or pressure regulator problem. Perhaps just a plugged filter.