Car not running

I would like to know if anybody have any suggestion on my problem i have taken my car to 3 mechanics certified and everyone says that when they put the car on the machine it reads nothing is wrong. i have a 97 buick park avenue and when i am driving it just cuts off while driving or when i am about to come to a stop. sometimes after i park the car and return to leave again it doesn’t start i usually wait about 10mins. and the car resstart i’ve had the fule filter change and cleaned. does anyone have and suggestions as to what could be my problem.

Stoping Anywhere

I would start by doing any past due maintenance. Including plugs and plug wires and air filter. Without more to go on, it could be almost anything.

Take one of the old spark plugs or buy a new one. Next time it stops, pull a wire of one of the plugs (don’t pull the wire, pull the plug) and put the new plug on the wire. Hold the plug’s threads tightly to the engine block and have someone crank the engine a short time. You should be a nice bright blue spark. If not you know it is an ignition problem. If you got shocked, you know you did not use a well insulated tool to hold the plug.

I had a 91 Taurus with a failing fuel pump. It was difficult to diagnose because the car had to be running for an hour or more for the fuel pump to stop working. If the car sat for a while (30 min) it would start right up. It was finally diagnosed by the shop by leaving it connected to the diagnostics machine and letting it run for an hour or so.

Ed B.

gm has a problem with the cams walking and som times it cuts a hole into timing chain cover. I know the timing is done on crank pully . but if the cam is rubbing the cover it might cause this ?

This is a fairly common hard-to-diagnose problem with modern cars. Something caused the engine to die only to restart a few minutes later. The distributor is a common cause, but it could be a number of things. You may have to leave it with the mechanic until he sees the problem. Your odds of a successful fix are better if you leave it with a dealer, but you know about the difference in prices.