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Engine coolant temperature light

i just got my beetle 2001, everything is fine but the engine coolant temperature light its been on and off!! when i start the car and drive fora couple secs the blue light comes on, and a few min later goes off!! i wanna know if i just need to put some coolant, or is the sensor… what could be?>?

Check your owners manual, the blue light may de for LOW coolant temp, which it should be when you first start.

The blue light is an indication that the engine has not yet reached operating temperature.
Translation–drive the car very gently until the “low temperature” light has turned off.

Incidentally, this type of information is contained in your Owner’s Manual. I would strongly suggest that you read it very soon, as failure to recognize the significance of some of the warning lights (such as the one for low oil pressure) can have disasterous consequences for the engine and for your wallet.

If you do not have a manual for this car, you need to get one as soon as possible. E-bay is a good source for low-priced Owner’s Manuals. Additionally, you may be able to download a copy from the VWOA website, but however you obtain it, you NEED an Owner’s Manual, and you need to READ it.

My only other comment is in regard to, " i wanna know if i just need to put some coolant". The best way to find this out is to actually check the coolant level in the radiator when the engine is cold. Did you do that?

If you don’t know how to check the coolant, that is just one more example of why you need to read the Owner’s Manual. Cars do not maintain themselves, and in order for you to know what to do regarding maintenance, and when to do it, you need the manual.

so, i brought my car to the shop, after read the manual, they did a coolant pressure test or something like that they also checked the level and everything…
battery radiator… everything came out perfect!!!
soim really concerned about that!!! i also mentioned to them that could be the temperature sensor that its probably going bad! so i really dont know what to do!!!

I cannot reiterate enough that the owner’s manual needs to be read by everyone who owns and operates a car. There is more to vehicle ownership than putting gas in it and driving it. The owner’s manual will answer a lot of potential questions you could have, like this one, and inform you on how to maintain the vehicle, change a flat, check the oil, etc. I’m an ASE certified technician and I read the owner’s manual for every car I buy, and usually I learn something from it.

To answer your question, the blue coolant light is fairly common in VW, Audi, and some Toyota vehicles. It means the engine has not yet reached operating temperature and you need to drive the vehicle gently to prevent premature engine wear and damage. “Gently” means no full throttle acceleration, holeshots, or overly spirited driving. Once the light goes out, you can drive the car harder if you want without worrying about blowing up the engine in 15,000 miles. I do recommend against driving the car too hard, even after the blue light has gone out, if you want to keep it operable for any length of time without sinking a fortune into it.


I think that you need to read my original response again, as there was no need to take the car to a mechanic at this point.

As I stated, and as Mark9027 reiterated, the presence of an illuminated blue coolant temp light is NORMAL when the engine is cold (i.e.–before the car has been driven far enough to warm up the engine). The light is designed to remind you to drive the car gently until the engine is fully warmed-up.

So, if you see this low temp warning light right after starting the engine, and this light then extinguishes itself a few minutes later, what you are observing is a warning light that is functioning as it is supposed to. On the other hand, if the light goes on after you have driven the car for a few miles, then this might indicate a problem with the temperature sensor or its related wiring.

What you described is normal. Right now, there is no need for concern.
Go back to reading the manual, rather than worrying about this non-issue!