Over heat- new beatle

I was just talking to a friend who has a 2000 os so VW new ‘bug’. 'and

then this red light comes on’she says,

‘and it starts

beeping at me’ She made it home, the light turned off, but the next morning it was hard to start … the light came back on, she drove to a mechanic, who added lots

of coolant… she now thinks everything is ‘fine’. I’m wondering what to tell her… maybe I should stay out of it…

any thoughts ?

Everything is definitely not “fine”. The coolant disappeared somewhere. And the new coolant the garage added will go there too. If she keeps driving around with the red light on when the coolant runs out, it won’t matter…she’ll destroy the engine. Those warning lights and buzzers are there to keep her from destroying the car…but they won’t work if she ignores them.

Tell her. If she refuses to take it to a good mechanic to get it repaired, then stay out of it. When her engine seizes, and it will, just politely offer your sympathies.