VW Beetle Coolant Light

Why would coolant light come on blue even after car is warmed up and stay on? Also sometimes red oil light blinks and beeps when car slows or stops. Car is up to date on all required maintenance and oil changes. Coolant levels are fine.

The engine may not be reaching proper operating temperature so that’s why the light is on. When the oil light blinks and beeps that is signaling you that the oil pressure is low. Have you seen a mechanic lately? I think it’s time to let a good mechanic check your Beetle out. It could simply be bad sensors but if the sensors are working properly then your engine is being damaged in one way or another. It’s time to find out what’s really going on before it’s too late.

Thanks. I made an appt with the VW dealer for next week. Hoping it’s just the sensors. The coolant light is not lit all the time - only randomly. One time, coolant level was a bit low, but other times, it’s fine.
But, like I said, am taking it to a mechanic. Hoping I still have my arms and legs after they work on it…

They had a number of bad sensors. I had one on my 2002 NB TDI. Others also reported it. On most it is an easy cheap fix. Check to make sure you are getting the new version (assuming there is a new version for your model and year).

Denisse, What Model-Year Is This Volkswagen ? The Car Talk Question Form Fails To Ask For This Important Information.

That was wise to check the fluid levels. Hopefully the car doesn’t have mechanical problems and the problems are only electrical in nature and relatively minor, which very well could be the situation based on Beetle history.

The dealer may just be a good place to take the car, in this case. VW dealers should be very familiar with these isssues. I think they will be consulting some TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins), designed to that guide technicians, that possibly apply to the problems you’re experiencing.

There have been bulletins for certain model-years that address faulty connections in the instrument panel, coolant contamination of a wiring harness connection located at coolant overflow resevoir, and even instructions for replacing wiring harness looms.

Searching this site for Beetle and Jetta problems like the ones you describe will shed some light on this.

What model-year Volkswagen is this ?


P.S. I hope it’s got an automatic transmission. They are much easier to drive with only one arm and one leg. :wink:

What was the problem? I have the exact same problem with my 2003 turbo S.