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Engine codes 41 and 44 on 1991 Buick LeSabre

I inherited a car I want to use for my daughter–a brand new driver. The check engine light is on. Went to an auto parts store and bought a scanner–get codes 41 and 44. Not having much luck learning what they mean, past what the manual tells me, to see if I can buy parts and a repair manual and do the work myself. Be kind–have some medical problems and little money. I’m a 57 year old woman–but I can read! :slight_smile:

Engine code 41 relates to the signel from the cam position sensor. A signal has not been detected in the last 2 seconds while the engine was running. This could be a wiring problem, a problem with the sensor, or the magnet.

Engine code 44 relates to a system lean condition. The ECM is not seeing the O2 sensor voltage get above 0.35 volts DC. It could be a defective O2 sensor, a wiring problem, low fuel pressure, clogged injector(s), exhaust system leak, etc.

If you have access to Alldata at your local library look up your car and print off the pages for these codes. The trouble shooting tree and diagnostic aids make good reading.

Hope this helps.

The engine is likely a 3.8L/3800 V6 and as the timing chain and gears wear the relucter and cam angle sensor begin to fail. A mechanic familiar with that car could listen to the engine and likely hear the tell tale signs of a soon to fail chain. If that is the problem sooner is much better than later for getting it repaired. It is advisable to use the OE type cam gear with a new relucter (magnet) and cam sensor, flush the oil pan, and check the cause of code 44. But, again, a mechanic familiar with the car would be more likely to quickly diagnose and repair that problem also. That car had a good reputation and if it was well maintained and has less than 150,000 miles it might have a few good years left in it.

Thank you SO much!

Thanks for the answer–it does seem to be a great car. Sadly, I don’t have the money to take it to a mechanic–too many medicals bills. Guess I have a LOT of research ahead!