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Service Engine Soon Light

I have a 2002 Buick LeSabre, 60,000 miles, 3.8 engine. The service engine soon light won’t go out. At the auto shop, the machine read out codes PO 446 and 1404. Does anyone know what those codes mean & what I can do to fix it?

P 0446 has to do with the Evap system vent valve. Try replacing it and see if that helps. It could be an electrical problem, but that would be more expensive to fix.

P1404 deals with the EGR valve. Try replacing the EGR valve. It’s not terribly expensive. Let us know if the replacements work.

Do you mean CEL or SEL. Many people mix them up and it is easy to do. A CEL (Check Engine Light) returns that P0123 code format, so I will assume that is what it is. It looks like jtsanders has nailed it for you. I would follow his advice.

What is your level of expertise with things like electrical testing? What is your tool situation? Or would you be having someone else do the work?

You can do as jtsanders suggests - many people would. But in neither case is it necessarily going to do any good. It might, it might not. The P0446 is a code for the vent valve circuit. The valve might be bad - but it might be the wiring instead. The EGR system is a system - it might be that the EGR is gummed up & not working right, or it might be a problem in the sensor or its wiring.

Sometimes the testing/diagnosis takes more time & money than just tossing in a part. People do it different ways.

I?m not trained in electrical testing; however, I have done testing on my own vehicles. I probably have the tools to do about anything related to fixing problems under the hood.

I just put in a new EGR valve. I erased the codes, drove the car to church, and the ?Service Engine Soon? light came back on. The code still comes up as P1404. Where would the sensor be? I?ll check that next. Thanks for the help.