Engine cleaning


My daughter recently bought a 2002 Chrysler Sebring with 155,000 mi. on it. Should she have the engine cleaned out?


No. Just change the oil and filter so you have a reference point for the next oil change.



What makes you think there is anything in the engine that needs cleaning out? If it has been properly serviced, it is clean…


Don’t stir up any more debris. You could create a sludge-a-matic. Settle for an oil change.


Agree; and if the oil on the dipstick is totally black and sludgy, do an oil and filter change and an other one in about 1000 miles. Whatever is in there will gradually work its way out. I would not dump a strong “engine cleaner” in a used car of this mileage; it might dislodge large particles that could clog your oil passages.