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Oil problems

I drive a '98 Chrysler Sebring 6 Cyl 2.5 engine. At 130,000 miles sludge clogged the pick-up screen. This is common in this engine (go to My mechanic cleaned the pan and pick-up tube and now it runs well. But, he said “get rid of it! This engine is no good and Chrysler won’t do anything to get rid of the problem.” Would synthetic oil help? I love this car!

Synthetic oil and frequent oil and filter changes should help.

i think you found an HONEST mechanic. stick with him!

Keep on truckin’ (carrin’?)! It runs decently, right? Change motor oil (and other stuff) as the scheduled items come due, and you could be drivin’ long time.

Usually changing to synthetic oil and doing a little more frequent oil changes takes car of it. Frankly it took 130,000 miles to sludge up the first time, don’t you think that after and additional 130,000 miles you might be able to afford a new car?