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Should I do an Engine Flush?

So this is probably a noob question here, and I’m learning as I go. Should I do an engine flush? I have a 2005 Camry with 160k miles. Oil changed regularly every 5000 miles like clockwork in accordance with the owners manual.

This is my engine with valve cover removed when I replaced the gasket. It looks pretty clean to me. So I don’t think I have lots of gunk or sludge in my engine and don’t think chunks of sludge will come off and block passageways our clog the screen filters. It’ll just get some of the varnish off. Should i risk doing an engine flush? My engine I believe is clean and the flush would make it even cleaner. Sorry if this is a noob question, I’m trying to learn here. I’m learning more about cars every day and hope that continues.

I don’t see why?

Looks pretty damn clean to me!



Don’t fix what isn’t broken. There is no upside to doing it and the possibility of doing harm.


What does underside of valve cover look like? Any film you can scrape off with finger? No? Don’t flush motor then.

With an engine that clean, I don’t see a flushing needed at all.


NEVER do a crankcase oil flush. NOTHING good can come of it. Also, your engine is clean, no sludge buildup anywhere.

I wish half the engines I worked on looked that clean.


I’ll fall in line here and agree. Continue with the good maintenance done so far and enjoy the ride.