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What cleaner to use for cleaning engine before oil change

Any one out there can recommend what cleaner should I use to clean the engine of my 4 old cars - toyota corolla 99, dodge caravan 93,

honda odyssey 2001 and acura 2001.

It is now time for me to change the oil of all 4- would like to clean the inside of the engines as well - Please help me out…

My understanding is unless you know what you are doing, cleaning the exterior of an engine can do more harm than good, and you should leave it alone.

Are you talking about an oil additive? I’d skip it, just change the oil.

I was told by a friend of mine to use Seafoam in the gas tank and
also half can of it in the engine when you change the oil -
It helps to clean the gunk and sludge in the engine and the
fuel system - Is it feasable ?

None. You don’t need to. The oils have good detergents in them already.

If you are changing your oil on schedule and using the correct oil, there will be no gunk or sludge to clean out.

if you insist on putting seafoam in the oil, only use 1/3 of a can, and put it in the old oil. Drive no more than 10 miles, and then change the oil. You don’t want that stuff staying in there.

Are you having problems with these engines or do you just feel like giving them enemas, because unless you actually have problems, there’s no need to ever clean out the inside of an engine.

Gunk makes a good engine flush, but these flushes can do more harm than good unless you have a lot of sludge build-up. Unless you are experiencing some kind of problem, just change the oil without the “cleaning.”

The directions on Gunk’s engine flush warn you not to drive the vehicle with it in the engine. Whatever you use, make sure you follow the directions to the letter, but I think using any product is ill advised unless you have a noticeable sludge problem.

Yes, I’ve put Seafoam in my engine. You won’t damage anything if you don’t put in too much.

No problems as far as I know - just thought of cleaning the insides of
the engine as very high mileages on all the 4 cars - all over 130000

  • The Chrysler van which has 136000 on it - I noticed the mileage has
    dropped - so thought that why not to for cleaning the engines as well.
    I change the oil religiously at or around 29000 miles.

Back in the 1960’s it might have been a good idea, but with modern cars and oils, it is best not to mess with any additives to clean the engine.

I really hope you meant 2900 :wink:

Most of the time, you won’t wreck the engine by doing that, but you could.

If you really only change your oil every 29,000 miles, it might indeed be time for an engine flush.

If you meant 2,900 miles, I would look elsewhere for the drop in fuel economy. I would first replace air filter and the the spark plugs, and if you can’t remember the last time they were changed, I would change the spark plug wires too.

If you change the oil every 2,900 miles (or even every 4,000 miles), I seriously doubt your engine needs flushed.

Yes - it is 2900 miles - Thanks - Will stick to just oil change and changing of air filter
and the spark plugs -
Thanks again.

Thank you friends - As suggested by most of you - to stick to just getting
the oil changed on time – will not worry about sludge or gunk in the engine -
Will go ahead and change the spark plugs and air filter as well.
God bless you all - where my cars will be without you guys. Thanks again

Does the manual(s) call for 3000? You’re wasting money and polluting the environment if not.